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Carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAS)

Carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAS)

from 1 ton


from 9 900 uah/ton

Carbamide-ammonia mixture (CAS) – a kind of multi-component nitrogen fertilizers, which consists of a solution of ammonium nitrate and urea. The uniqueness of this modification is in composition, which simultaneously contains nitrogen in three types: nitrate, ammonium and amid. This allows you to use mineral fertilizers both during sowing and during reaping (including non-foliar feed).
The carbamide-ammonia mixture is widely used in combination with pesticides, since the fertilizer in a liquid state allows mixing with other chemical mixtures in one capacity and ensures uniform application to the soil. Thus, agribusinesses receive an additional opportunity to reduce costs through the simultaneous implementation of several plant care operations.

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To purchase a urea-lime mixture through the KME trading floor, call the phone number +38 (044) 219 4747, or use the form of backlink – the manager will hold a free consultation, accept the application and pass orders to the brokers.