Увага! Діє відтермінування (6 міс) на Азотні. NPK 10:26:26 – 16 700 грн/т., NP 12:24 – 14 500 грн/т., Селітра аміачна – 11 300 грн/т., Карбамід – 12 500 грн/т., КАС – 9 800 грн/т., ВАС – 9 100 грн/т., Сульфат амонію – 8 350 грн/т.

Because of the high demand, cheap nitrate ends in Ukraine

Our news, Overview of the market for mineral fertilizers

Commodity online exchange Kyiv Mercantile Exchange – KME: the results of the third week of March 2019 in the markets of mineral fertilisers in Ukraine and the world.

News overview in the world fertiliser market. Main events of the week:
  • New custom fees on KAS from Trinidad, Russia and the USA are expected
  • The market of nitrogen fertilisers remains in the zone of stagnation
  • Prices for ammonia gradually begin to decrease

Prices for urea from the Black Sea ports are still unchanged, but the possibility of lowering will take place in two weeks. In March, the latest deals were signed at a price of 215-220 USD / T, FOB. There is even a price of 225 USD / t for the product from Gazpromneftekhim.

A slight increase in the price in the Baltic, where shipments of urea are actively shipped to Latin American countries. Nevertheless, it can not be said about the signs of market growth, although demand in Russia is tangible.

The price of urea in North Africa remains at 215-249. USD / t.  Two consignments of urea from Russia came to Ukraine, there are supplies to Turkey. At the same time, manufacturers in the Middle East are waiting for a regular tender for urea in India. Keep the price of 240-242 USD / T, FOB.

The fee for KAS for Russia will be 31.9 – 39.3%, from Trinidad – 16.3%, from the US – 22.6%, such a proposal is submitted to the European Commission. The duty of 6.5% is not cancelled, that is, even 0.5% more expensive in the EU will be Russian KAS. Such regulation did not affect Belarus. Now the price for KAS is 140-170 USD / T, FOB – Black Sea.

The impact of the nitrogen fertilizer market on the ammonia market is lower than expected. The situation in the gas market is more affecting. The price of ammonia remained at 270 USD / T, FOB – US and  235-240 USD / T, FOB – Black Sea.

The market for integrated fertilizers is under the influence of lower prices for phosphorus in the United States. The western hemisphere is under the influence of lower prices for diammonium phosphate. In Argentina, the price of diammonium phosphate was reduced by 397 USD / T, CFR.

News overview in the Ukrainian fertiliser market. Main events of the week:
  • In Ukraine, the active phase of the purchase of nitrate fertilizers ends
  • The popularity of KAS has increased significantly
  • NPK fertilizers are already actively bought by agrarians for adding in spring
  • The share of Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizers in 2019 will increase to 64%

In the spring of 2019, the part of nitrate fertilizers of Ukrainian production in the Ukrainian market grew to 63-64%. Last year it was less than 50%. The total amount of nitrogen fertilizers will reach 70%. According to IA Info Industry, this became possible due to the full loading of production in Cherkassy and in Rivne.

At the end of March, the active phase of the purchase of nitrate fertilizers ends, import volumes are reduced, but production remains at the level of 80-90% of full load. For one week, due to technical problems, production will decrease in Cherkassy, however, in Severodonetsk, the Azot loaded all four saltpetre installations on imported ammonia.

The price for saltpetre remains at the level of 10500-11000 UAH / t, CPT, the imported product was sold from 9800 UAH / ton, the port. But cheap saltpetre is no longer available because of the high demand in the south.

Ukraine has a stable price for urea – 11500-12000 UAH / t, SRT. Imported product was imported from Egypt and Turkmenistan, Belarusian urea is also present, Ukrainian goods dominate in volumes.

KAS is very popular in all regions of Ukraine. The price for this fertilizer starts from 8600 UAH / t, the port and on average is 9000-9100 UAH / t, CPT. In warehouses the price for a product is the highest – 9700-9900 UAH / t, poured. The volume of sales of traders is now the highest, the product is constantly lacking, queues at the factories and problems with logistics take place.

The purchase of NPK fertilizers for spring-summer already takes place. The company Agro BC offered a new NPK product 9:14:27 (S7) at a price of 12100-12200 UAH / t, St. Bahmach.  Such novelties can be found not only from Belarus but also from Russia. Russian fertilizers of the NPK type 20:20:10 are offered at a price often more profitable than other NPKs.

The rise in the price of potassium chloride in the Ukrainian market is expected. Currently, import of goods is carried out with a low margin of importers, there is an accumulation of goods for the season. The price in 2019 will be constantly higher than 11000 UAH / t SRT.

Note that the review is made on the basis of data from the tenders and applications for the purchase and sale of the commodity online exchange KME and data analytical group Info Industry. 

For reference: Kyiv Mercantile Exchange – the newest Ukrainian online exchange. Realises the world standards of stock trading in the Ukrainian markets of agricultural, chemical and petroleum products. As for March 2019 the total turnover  of trades in Kyiv Mercantile Exchange exceeded UAH 4.5 billion.

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